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Celebrating the Chinese New Year

20th January 2024

The Immaculate Conception Banda Club is organising a Chinses Night at its premises in Parich Priest Square Hamrun. This activitiy is in collaboration with a group of young Chinese musicians forming a band called "Sea Dragon", that will entertain us with there unique Chinese and European style of music.

According to the lunar calendar, 2024 marks the start of the year of the dragon and, unlike their terrifying counterparts from Western mythology such as those portrayed in House of the Dragon, these mythical creatures are benevolent – associated with nobility, power, good health, vitality, luck and leadership. With the help of this younf group we will be offering to our members and our society the chance to get to know more the Chinese Community residing in Malta.

This is another project entruted to open our doors to all even foreigners that live in Mlata especially in Hamrun.

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