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Mental Health Day

Updated: Oct 10, 2022


The Immaculate Conception Band ClUb in Collaboration with Mental Services Malta and Floriana Mental Outreach/Clinic are organizing an awarnes morning in the Heart of the Village. We will be going to have Blood Pressure Checks, Blood Glucose Monitoring and talks about Mental Ilnesses and Conditions. These were free of charge and everyone was welcome to participate.

CUPCAKES for sale in aid of Clients affected with mental illnesses

This Activity is in collaboration with Chemimart

Dr Claire Axiak(Psychiatrist), Ms Caludia Borg Azzopardi(Psychologist), Janice Mangion (Occupational Therapist), Chirs Oliva (Nurse at Floriana Mental Clinic) and Josef Spiteri (Charge Nurse at Floriana Outreach)

Some residents that showed interest in our awarness session, trying their Blood Pressure and Blood Glucose.

Floriana Mental Outreach , Floriana Mental Clinic , Floriana Rehabilitaion Centre

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